Eearth New Year 2017

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Countdown to Eearth New Year
16 July 2017 - 9.29 pm AEST

Eearth New Year 2017

Eearth New Year is an annual event that commemorates of the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch.

Listen to Guy Lane's introduction to Eearth New Year.


What happens at an Eearth New Year celebration?

20 or so people will gather at a remote location (Mt Samson) where there will be a bonfire, booze, food, music, entertainment, games, conversations, jokes etc.

It's a slumber party, which is to say, that some will stay overnight at the venue.

What is provided: The venue - the fire - the food - a sheltered place to sleep and a mattress - entertainment and games - some inexpensive Eearth wine (maybe)...

What you bring: warm clothes (it will be as cold as polenguin poop) - sleeping gear - booze - tent (if you want) - camera's - something ceremonial to burn in the fire - other stuff befitting a outdoors party that celebrates the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch.

It will be like this, but bigger...

Learn about Eearth New Year in the Eearth novel - fictioonalised introduction to Eearth Culture FREE .pdf

Paperback and ebooks <here>


Venue: Mount Samson - twenty minutes North West of Samford Village.

That's Mount Sampson in the distance. The block slopes gently down towards the fire pit.
The fire pit, ready for a fire. There's also a maze for the amazing.
That's a few teepees - not sure if we can use them, though. This is the long house, about 50 meters from the fire.
The plan is to cover this floor with 40 mattersses for overnighters. Kitchenette in the long house.


Venue Map

Mount Samson - 15 minutes North West of Samford Village.

The venue is in the top left of this map. Details will be provided to registered attendees.



Interim Plan for Eearth New Year Sunday 16 July 2017

3.00 pm People start arriving - site induction and settling in.
Sunset Things start happening...

The Moogh Game

A lesson in political ecology and the Planetary Boundaries. It is based on a scene from the novel set on a beach in Spain. Read the Chapter from the Moogh that describes this scene: <On a Beach>

Visit the Moogh Game


An exciting game that blends pinata, Pagan Wickerman, running of the bulls, and a wishing well...

Visit the Abyssalman

Dindinz Dinner time.
9.29 pm  

Trinibomtess - a nuke is detonated to mark the turn of Eearth New Year.

Don't worry; it's not a real nuke.

Fishnorr Readings of the Martian Cat, etc, etc, as well as other things yet to be fully detailed.
Midnight Musikoff - by order of the site owner.
Partyonhushly Continuing the party (quietly)
Slumbrekky Sleeping, waking, breakfasting (on last night's left overs).


The Moogh Game

About the game

The Moogh Game is a lesson in political ecology and the Planetary Boundaries. It is based on a scene from the novel, set on a beach in Spain. Read the chapter  <On a Beach>

The object of the game is for the Moogh to amble from the 'dunes' to the 'water's edge' so that it can swim across the Mediterranean to Morocco. Some people want to help it, some people want to hinder it.

If the Moogh can get to the sea, it maybe able to complete its mission - and the planet will be saved. Will it, or won't it..?

That depends how the balance of forces plays out...

The Players Their Roles & Relationships
The Moogh An eleven foot-high pacifist primate that just wants to amble (and pose) on its way from the dunes to the sea.
Maggie Tarp Naive young journalist, and the Moogh's best friend. She's pals with Maxine (the Latvian Lesbian) Slivkin, and is trapped in a battle of wills with Perrin Speer. Her role is to report on the Moogh.
Perrin Speer Hot-shot, ambulance-chasing press-man, completely lacking in social intelligence. He looks out for Maggie Tarp and doesn't give a shit about the Moogh. He wants to get stories about the sick and nasty things that people do to each other around the Moogh.
Maxine Slivkin Maximum Hydrazine a.k.a. the Latvian Lesbian, a Russian business-woman and wannab oligarch. She's the Chair of, CEO and major shareholder of Moogh Capital Plc. She milks the Moogh phenomena for as much money as she can make. She doesn't care about the Moogh except as a source of uber-wealth. She is the inventor of Moogh Coin, and this only works while the Moogh is ambling - so she doesn't want the Moogh swimming in the sea.
Prof. Frederick Frotter Dotty old professor who loses things easily, but has scientifically proven that the Moogh poses represent the nine planetary boundaries. 
The Adherents Moogh groupies who worship the Moogh and are exploited as free labour by in exchange for access. They are empaths, but brutally and physically defend the Moogh from attackers, if necessary.
Level 4 Security Foxy women in while leather catsuits, armed to the teeth with Rhinox-25 stun guns (Stunners with Stunners). They provide front-line security first for Maxine Slivkin, and second to the Moogh. They are vicious and are back-up by Moogh Ninjas (snipers).
Moogh Underground Disgruntled ex-adherents who run interference with including routinely clashing with Level-4 Security. A passionate, but undisciplined fighting force, mainly made of angry, drug-addled young men. They don't care for the Moogh, and just want justice for's corruption.
Fly-bys Day-trippers to the Moogh Zone who are charged a hefty entrance fee and don't even get a show bag. These are typically drunken louts who don't care for the Moogh, and will do anything to find out what it carries in its closed fist.

How its played.

In the game of football, there are two teams who share a similar objective, to kick the ball into the other team's net. The game is constrained in time and space, and the only change to occurs is at half time when the teams switch sides. It is a relatively simple game. Not so the Moogh game.

In the Moogh Game, there are nine 'teams' (four are individuals) and in the most part, that all have competing interests in the events. This is a game that mimics real life, and gives insights into political ecology.

The Moogh seeks to move along a preset course (from the dunes to the sea) from where it seeks to swim to Morocco to plant the Moogh Treee. Maxine and Level-4 security seek to prevent this, flybys seek to interfere with anything.


Abyssalman will take your complaints, now.

The Eearth Culture Abyssalman Ceremony is an opportunity for participants – the Community – to blow-off any angst and frustration that has built up in their life. These frustrations are referred to as Complaints. Abyssalman will Take Your Complaints and allow you a much needed catharsis.

Abyssalman is a human-sized (or larger) scarecrow that is made from burnable natural fibres such as cotton, cardboard, hessian, hemp, wood and others. Importantly, no synthetic materials (e.g. plastics, nylon, etc) are used in Abyssalman's construction.

The Community write their Complaints on the Complaints Form. These complaints can include anything that is bugging them or holding them back; any bad memories or bad habits - anything they like. If they are concerned about abrupt climate change, they can write that down. If they are annoyed that they keep losing their keys, they can write that down too. Whatever shits you, just write it down.

The Complaints are then manually inserted into Abyssalman’s Complaints Department.

Then Abyssalman - with all the Complaints stuffed inside - is set on fire. The idea is that the things that trouble you are turned to vapour and dissapear into the sky without a trace.

But Abyssalman doesn't go down without a fight! Heck no.

Abyssalman is lifted above the ground by a rope on a pole, and is moved around - or 'driven' - by a member or members of the community referred to as the Driver.

Aided by the Driver, Abyssalman chases the Community around; burning, throwing embers, flames and smoke in all directions.

As this is happening, a member of the community called the Fireman ensures the Abyssalman's fire is neither too big, nor too small by applying varying amounts of accellerant and decellerant.

In retaliation to the burning Abyssalman chasing them, the Community proceed to bash Abyssalman with Sticks.

And so it goes, a battle of wills between the flaming Abyssalman and the Community venting their frustration that the annoying things in their lives won't just go away without some effort.

It continues for as long as it takes for the community to tire of the ritual, or Abyssalman to fall to pieces.

Then, whatever is left of Abyssalman is tossed onto the bonfire and the Community gets on with their lives with a sense of relief for having finally had their complaints heard.

As Abyssalman is comprised entirely of natural fibres, there is no net concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere from his burning, and no toxic emissions, either.

It’s all good, clean fun.

There are a number of takeaway messages of the Abyssalman Ceremony.

First, proportionality. For the game to be exciting and note-worthy, there is an element of risk. Too much vigour on the part of the Drivers, and people get scorched (not good). Not enough vigour, and the game is not particularly interesting.

Second, bashing the burning Abyssalman with a stick is just a stepping stone in a process of fixing or coming to terms with whatever it was that you wrote on your Complaint Form.


Download a
Complaints Form




Martian Cat Readings

The Martian Cat is a vulgar tale about a cat that lives on Mars. Public readings of this book are filmed and put on youtube to share the vulgarity of the plans to send humans (and pets) to Mars.

Here, Willow reads the chapter, the Martian Cat Health Analysis. Despite what Charlie Darling says, the cat is not in good shape, at all...

The Martian Cat

Space engineer Charlie Darling is the only one of 120 passengers on the Inter-Planet shuttle to arrive at the Mars Resort alive. He finds the resort destroyed, and all but one of the Mars colonists dead. The only survivor is a deranged female medic called Maddy whose driving quest is to prove that the ailment called Martian Madness is cause by fungus growing in the human brain. Driven to despair by this grim situation, Charlie finds solace in the Martian Cat, an emaciated feline who just wants to avoid becoming someone's meal. Charlie and the Martian Cat have little chance of survival, on their own. Will their odds improve if they stick together?

Choose your Chapter.

Recommended chapters for readings include:

- A Cat Like That

- The Martian Cat

- Cat Sandwich

- Hellacious Cat Fart

- Martian Cat Health Analysis

- Classic Martian Cat Attack

- Inter-species Space Ballet




Read the Martian Cat for free